Check out our cakes

4-inch cakes

A small cake for a small event of the family. make those same events memorable with our 4-inch cakes serves 6 to 8 people 

6-inch cake

Having a party with friends and want a cake to make the party special. order the 6-inch cake that can serve 12 to 14 people

8-inch cakes

our 8-inch cake is perfect for a large event with 20 to 24 people. Whether it be a family dinner or college event 

9-inch cakes

the 9-inch cake is perfect for parties and events that are not too big and not too small. it is perfect for 24-28 people

10-inch cakes

Having a corporate event in the office and want to celebrate with all your colleagues then order the 10-inch cake that will be perfect for the occasion with 29-35 people

2-tier cakes

want to host a large part with friends and family. you have the venue selected and all the arrangments made then complete your party with a 2-tier cake that can serve 30 to 80 people depending on the size 

3-tier cake

If your wedding coming up and you want everything to be perfect on your special day then we can make a custom three-tier cake for your wedding that serves 50+ people

Buttercream with Fondant Decorations

Our buttercream and fondant cakes can be made to your exact specifications any theme your heart desres can be made into a fondant cake 

Buttercream cake

want a cake that is light and delicious then order our buttercream cake and have a simple and traditional treat for your event